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The Lachlan McIntosh Tannery Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is supported through grants and donations from individuals, businesses, and various organizations. The Lachlan McIntosh Tannery Foundation was formed with the simple desire to bring hope to others, using Lachlan’s story and his family’s experience as our catalyst.

We offer hope and support to children and their families navigating the journey through cancer–from diagnosis to remission. Some of our projects include–but are not limited to–welcome packages to newly diagnosed patients upon entering GHS and/or MUSC for transplant, funding for Broviac bands, and travel cards for gas, food, and other necessities during the families’ hospital stay. One of The Lachlan McIntosh Tannery Foundation’s main goals is raising awareness about childhood cancer and leukemia and to aid families during their journey by helping them navigate the financial resources available to them. We strive to continually grow the National Marrow Donor Registry and to make our community and beyond aware of the importance of becoming a donor.

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